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Mar 04

Would you move to cut your mortgage in half?

When I was paying off my student loan debt I felt, “stuck” and, “broke”. I worried I’d never dig myself out of the hole that I’d made and I felt frustrated a lot. When finally submitted that final payment and received my, “paid in full letter” in the mail, I was thrilled…for a minute. Because …

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Jan 12

Save money: Repair it, don’t replace it!

I’m a little ashamed to say how quick I used to be to to throw away perfectly good, “stuff”. If a button popped off a pair of my jeans, or a sweater started to get pilled, I’d toss it in the goodwill bin and buy a new one. The past couple of years I’ve been …

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Sep 15

9 Ways Being a Homebody Saves Me Money

Everyday at work, we have a meeting first thing in the morning called, “rounds.” Rounds is where the managers talk about client and staffing issues and any trainings that are taking place during the day. This past Friday, during the unofficial, “tell me your weekend plans” part of the meeting 😉 one of my co-workers …

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Sep 02

10 frugal hacks for saving $ at fairs and festivals

Eric and I really enjoy attending local fairs and festivals. This year alone we’ve been to 4 and have plans to go to at least one more before the weather gets cold. We usually spend the day hanging out, eating, meeting new people and shopping. But festivals can get expensive really fast if you’re not …

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Apr 28

My May Goals

It’s been a really long time since I’ve written a goals post, so I figured it was about time I put one together. Something about writing everything down and seeing it in black and white is pretty motivating. Plus if I don’t follow through, I’ll have you guys to remind me what a bad person …

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