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May 12

It’s official: My step-dad just retired

This weekend Eric and I traveled up to Maine to celebrate my step-dad’s retirement. My step-sisters and I had been planning a surprise retirement party for him for the last few months, so I was pretty excited for the, “big day” to finally arrive. Each of the three of us (and our families) drove to …

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Jun 02

How to Start Saving for Retirement at 30 Years Old

The post comes from My Money Design, a blog that is all about getting you ready to live a rich and wealthy life. If you really want to get serious about investing or saving for retirement at 30, one of the best places you can start is with your retirement savings. Though retirement may seem …

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Jan 13

5 Tips for Planting the Seeds of Wealth

I certainly don’t consider myself a “wealthy” person monetarily (I am “wealthy” in lots of other ways, but that’s not what I’m talking about in this particular post), but over the past few years as I’ve worked my way out of debt and started saving for my future. Along my journey, I have discovered a …

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Dec 18

Bad Retirement Advice

Keep reading for my WORST retirement advice. And I’m the perfect person to deliver this “advice” because I’m the prime example of what you shouldn’t do when it comes to retirement savings! Wait to start saving for retirement until you’re 28. The 10 years between 18 and 28 don’t really matter, so focus on going …

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Nov 01

Staying Frugal Once You’re Out Of Debt

[important]The following post is a guest post by Connie over at Savvy with Saving. Connie is a 20-something trying to live big on a budget…in New York City. Follow her on her road to financial independence over at Savvy With Saving.[/important] I graduated college with approximately $20,000 worth of student debt. Certainly not insurmountable compared …

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