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May 12

It’s official: My step-dad just retired

This weekend Eric and I traveled up to Maine to celebrate my step-dad’s retirement. My step-sisters and I had been planning a surprise retirement party for him for the last few months, so I was pretty excited for the, “big day” to finally arrive. Each of the three of us (and our families) drove to …

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Oct 27

Some people have, “that kind of money”. You Don’t!

Many years ago I watched an episode of the Oprah Winfrey show that really resonated with me. Although I don’t know Oprah personally, I’ve always imagined that she is as down to earth and approachable in person as she was on her show. Despite her success and fame, Oprah has always been very honest about …

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Aug 28

Taking a Break

Hi friends! Taking a break from your regularly scheduled programing because we’re on vacation at my folks place in Maine. We’ve been resting, relaxing and spending lots of time with family and friends. Tonight my grandparents are coming over and we’re going to grill some steaks and pork chops (I’ll be eating chicken of course). …

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Feb 07

10 Random Things About Me

Happy Friday! I love it when other personal finance bloggers write up a post that explains who they are “outside of” personal finance. You know, just the weird, random and personal things that make us people and not just bloggers. So, inspired by Morgaine and Alicia, I bring to you… 10 random things about me: …

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Dec 30

6 Tips for Dealing with Disappointment

Welcome back! Or perhaps I should welcome myself back. I’ve been offline and without power or phone service for a few days thanks to a massive ice storm that attacked the state of Maine. You may have seen some of the footage of the ice and snow on the national news. Long story, short the …

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