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May 16

You don’t think you need insurance until…

This post isn’t really a, “fun” one to write, but it’s one that comes from my heart. Thankfully not all of these situations happened to me, but they have happened to close friends and family and so they hit pretty, “close to home” for me. Unfortunately it sometimes takes a major life event, or a …

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Jul 28

Healthcare is expensive, ask for what you want!

Healthcare in this country is so freaking expensive! Whether you have insurance or not, I’m sure you know how ridiculously expensive it is to be treated in the Emergency room. So in this post, I hope I can empower you to advocate for the care that you need, want and deserve. I’m not saying you …

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Mar 03

I love my job. Do you love yours?

Are you a job hater? Have you ever noticed how many people love complain about their jobs? Whining about benefits, pay and hours and talking smack about their bosses and co-workers. To those unhappy souls I usually respond, “So why don’t you find a new job?” And I’m being dead serious. I’m not trying to …

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Jan 17

Sick and Tired of Being Sick and Tired

Do you ever have one of those weeks that just won’t quit? The past 3 weeks have been miserable for me. First we were up at my parent’s house in Maine with no power over Christmas, then we returned home to a broken furnace that almost burned out house down, and the last week and …

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Jun 12

What Are High-Deductible Health Plans? Who Do They Hurt?

Last week at work we had a meeting with Human Resources. The purpose of the meeting? To tell employees that our organization (a large non-profit) can no longer keep our current health insurance plan because of the cap the feds put on the amount of money non-profits can spend on fringe benefits (don’t get me …

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