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Aug 06

Money bought me happiness…sort of

Some people say that money can’t buy you happiness. I think they are wrong…sort of. While I don’t truly think that money can “buy” you happiness, literally, I do believe that having money affords you certain securities and comforts that people with less money may not have. When I was growing up we didn’t have …

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Nov 06

Need a Vacation From Planning My Vacation

This past weekend I spent many hours planning the details of a family trip with my grandparents. Neither of them have traveled very much (grandma’s first flight was last year when my grandparents came to NYC to visit bf and I for Christmas) and we’ve never been on a family vacation together. Both of them …

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Oct 25

I need, I want, I love

When I was a teen and young adult there were a lot of things that I wanted. A big house, a luxury car, designer clothing, fancy perfume, you name it, I wanted it. Did I have any of those things? No! Well maybe the fancy perfume-“Gucci Envy” is totally “fancy” to a 16-year-old. Basically I …

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Aug 16

Vacationing in Vacationland

Did you know that Maine is nicknamed, “Vacationland?” Well if you didn’t know you do! Bf, Brooklyn and I are here vacationing until next Friday or so when we’ll head back up to Boston for a friend’s wedding. So far the weather has been absolutely gorgeous. August is probably the best month of the year …

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Aug 09

Family Vacation – Ideas Needed Please

**Re-posted because on the one post where I ask for suggestions the comments didn’t work of course ;-)** Growing up we didn’t really go on family vacations. My parents divorced when I was young and my mom was a single mom until I was a teenager. When she remarried she and my stepfather were trying …

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