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May 16

You don’t think you need insurance until…

This post isn’t really a, “fun” one to write, but it’s one that comes from my heart. Thankfully not all of these situations happened to me, but they have happened to close friends and family and so they hit pretty, “close to home” for me. Unfortunately it sometimes takes a major life event, or a …

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Sep 08

Money & Relationships: Finding the Right, “Money Partner”

Have you ever thought about how you picked your partner? Was it her pretty eyes or his perfect smile? I picked my boyfriend because he’s a financial stud. Just kidding (sort of). Once we got past the initial, “getting to know you” stage, I was very impressed with his diligence in paying off his student …

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Jul 10

Mom Manages the Money

Mom the “Money Manager” Growing up my mother was always the designated money manager. I vividly recall watching her pull out the bill basket and sit at the kitchen table meticulously scrutinizing every statement and bill to make sure that each was correct. She laid out the calendar, pulled out her checkbook and carefully addressed …

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Jul 01

Swimming in Debt or Lifeguarding?

As I meet more and more people who are paying down down, I’ve noticed a few similarities in the things they tell me. Specifically when they’re describing their debt, the same language seems to come up again and again. You know, sayings like, “I was in over my head” “I had a big hole and …

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Jan 28

My Finances, His Finances, Our Finances?

Reasonable people on both sides of the, “combined finances” debate have valid reasons why combining your finances with your significant other is a good (or bad) idea. Right now the boyfriend and I have completely separate finances. Because we’re not married, we both have our own bank accounts and we don’t “mingle money”. Last year …

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