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Apr 30

A Wedding costs HOW MUCH?!?!


On March 8th the love of my life proposed to me (aww). On May 9th, we announced the engagement to our excited friends and family. My mom was smiling from ear to ear and my grandfather joked, “It’s about time!” Immediately thereafter we were bombarded with a slew of questions I was completely unprepared to …

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Nov 18

Will I Regret Not Having a Wedding?

Wild flower centerpieces

Nope, you haven’t missed anything. Bf and I aren’t engaged, and we’re not planning a wedding, so this post’s title might seem a little strange. These days I guess I’m on a roll with the wedding and baby posts, so bear with me, I suspect it’s just a stage given my age. Here’s what I’m …

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Jul 08

Please Don’t Invite Me to Your Wedding

broke marriage

The other day a friend and I were talking about weddings. Without really meaning to, we got into a long discussion about how ridiculous weddings have become. I mean seriously weddings have turned into week long “events”. Gone are the days when you can throw a basic little party in your parents’ backyard. You have …

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