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Apr 30

A Wedding costs HOW MUCH?!?!

On March 8th the love of my life proposed to me (aww). On May 9th, we announced the engagement to our excited friends and family. My mom was smiling from ear to ear and my grandfather joked, “It’s about time!” Immediately thereafter we were bombarded with a slew of questions I was completely unprepared to …

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Apr 23

Where have you been? and BIG news!

Hi friends. You may have noticed that I’ve been pretty quite for the past few months (apologies!). I think I was having a “3-decade crisis” (is that real, I have no idea?). I was feeling like I was at a crossroads in my life where I wasn’t really sure, “what’s next?” I was trying to …

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Mar 20

Millionaire Match Maker-Love or Money?

I was recently watching an episode of Millionaire Match Maker (yes I watch shitty TV sometimes to unwind-don’t judge me!). In this particular episode, Patti Stanger, the, “match maker” goes on her own date set up by her team of matchmakers. During dinner she tells her date that she’d give up all of her fame …

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