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Jan 06

You Need an Emergency Fund When Your Furnace Dies


I did a post a few months ago about why it’s important to have an emergency fund. December 27th, I re-confirmed the importance of having an emergency fund when we arrived home from our “horrible” trip (see this post for further explanation) to Maine. The drive home was relatively uneventful. We made good time, the …

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Nov 20

The First Time I Needed My Emergency Fund


Is your emergency fund a topic of dinnertime conversation? At my house it is. Yesterday the bf and I had an interesting conversation about emergency funds. As you might remember, the bf and I lost our car to flooding during hurricane Sandy, and had to use money from our respective emergency funds to buy a …

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Nov 01

Staying Frugal Once You’re Out Of Debt


I graduated college with approximately $20,000 worth of student debt. Certainly not insurmountable compared to others, but still a sizable amount. The idea of paying all that interest and living life in debt really did not sit well with me, so I made it a goal to pay it off within a year. After adopting …

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Jun 10

Friends Shouldn’t Lend Friends Money

cutting money

Have you ever lent money to a friend or family member? If you have, did he/she pay you back? If they didn’t pay you back did that experience leave a bad taste in your mouth? A few years ago I lent some money to a friend. The friend was having some financial problems (through no …

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Mar 04

I’m Dating a Financial Stud!

Man Lifting Weights

This post will undoubtedly embarrass the boyfriend, so I’m apologizing in advance. Sorry honey, you’re a financial stud! When I first started dating the bf, one of the things that I was immediately impressed by was how financially responsible he was. Not how much he made, or what he drove, but how good he was …

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