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Jan 15

Interracial Dating: Trials and Tribulations

Everybody knows that I date a “financial stud”, but probably, not everyone knows that my stud is Filipino (well maybe you do if you’ve seen our photo on my “about” page). Eric grew up in Manila and I grew up in rural Maine. I’m very much a country girl at heart, and Eric is much …

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Sep 16

$130 Saved My Relationship

Do you have a home jam packed with “stuff?” For years advertisers have promised us that brand name “things” would make us happy, designer clothing would make us popular and luxury cars would make us desirable. Guess what? They didn’t! Now many of us are trying to “detox” ourselves from the stuff and get the …

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Mar 04

I’m Dating a Financial Stud!

This post will undoubtedly embarrass the boyfriend, so I’m apologizing in advance. Sorry honey, you’re a financial stud! When I first started dating the bf, one of the things that I was immediately impressed by was how financially responsible he was. Not how much he made, or what he drove, but how good he was …

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Feb 13

Date the Boss to Get Ahead

In Honor of Valentine’s Day, Date the Boss to Get Ahead. Ok, that’s not exactly what I mean, but stay with me… During a recent manager’s training with my HR Director, a co-worker compared the job interview/hiring process to courting (you know, dating for anyone born after 1900). Here are some of the interesting similarities …

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