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Sep 24

Oops they did it again: 8 Tips for Buying a Used Car on a Budget

This weekend my parents called me, “pleased as punch” (again!) with news that they purchased a (another) new car. If you remember from my previous post, my parents purchased another new car about 6 years ago. Previously my mom was driving a Saturn Vue. Per my step-dad, the Vue needed some pretty expensive maintenance and …

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May 21

Holy Budget, Batman!

So it’s official, now that I have my new license, my 2nd promotion (well really, just a pay raise) was processed and my paycheck now reflects a $10k increase, woo hoo! Once taxes come out it really not as much money as you’d think (or as I’d like), but I’m grateful for the increase and …

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Mar 26

But I Was Budgeting So Well…

Do you ever look through your bank or credit card statements and think, “Hmm how did that happen? I was budgeting so well!” Since I became debt-free I’ve been pretty relaxed with my budgeting (OK, truth be told I haven’t really made a budget at all this year). Basically, since I got that $30,000 student …

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Feb 26

Classic Clothes Save Me Money

Saturday night I was walking to a cat sitting gig when I passed several groups of girls. OK, they weren’t “girls” they were young women. Probably college age or in their mid-twenties. Since we finally got a little “warm” weather here on Saturday, everybody has been pulling out their summer duds. 50-degrees isn’t exactly “warm” …

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Feb 20

The Best $200 I Ever Spent

Inspired by Cat’s post over at Young Adult Money and in celebration of our Brooklyn’s 10th birthday, I wanted to write a little post about the best $200 I ever spent. Here’s the background: Valentine’s day weekend 2009, Eric surprised me with a trip to Seattle. We’d been “seeing” each other for a few months …

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