Jan 25

My Dog Has More Coats Than I Do

A few of our pup's coats

A few of our pup’s coats

You know you’re a crazy pet parent when your dog has more coats then you do. I was recently cleaning and organizing our closets when I stumbled across a box of our dog’s coats. Yes coats, plural. Our furry little love bug has more than 10 coats and sweaters.

Some of them were gifts from his grandmother and grandfather, but many of them are coats that we bought. Why? Well, when he gets groomed he’s very cold, and he’s pretty small (about 15 pounds) so there’s not a lot of, “meat on his bones” as my mother would say. I never thought I’d be the type of person to buy my pet clothing. We had big dogs growing up, so they certainly weren’t trying to wear coats. Nor would my step-father want them to.

But now that we’re city dwellers living in a small two-bedroom condo, a big dog just wouldn’t make sense. And to be honest, that little shelter dog has stolen our hearts. He’s really provided us hours and hours of love, affection, and attitude. A very good “investment” for a small $200 adoption fee.

Some people might think we’re nutty to put our pup in a coat, or to buy so many to begin with, but there are some things we’re willing to spend on, and he’s certainly one of them.

Do you have pets? Do you spend “too much” on them?

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  1. I love it. Kitty PoP doesn’t have any “casual wear” like those coats, but we have posted a few pics of him in some of his “formal/event wear” =)

    Even with the occasional tiny outfit, we spend less than $20/month on our little guy, so I don’t feel it’s hugely unnecessary. Besides, his $1 santa outfit has provided so many more laughs than any other $1 I’ve ever spent, so sometimes it’s totally worth it!

    1. I love it that Kitty Pop has “formal wear”. Our pup has several entertaining Christmas Sweaters. Pets are so funny sometimes, and pets in sweaters or santa suits as the case may be, are even more entertaining.

  2. It is a good time to have a business related to pets!

    1. Right! Our local independent pet store must be making a killing. Even in the middle of a recession people are still willing to spoil their pets.

  3. My in-laws used to be the same way when we had our two dogs. I think they sent them as much stuff as they do for the grandkids. 🙂

    1. We don’t have kids yet, so the “grandparents” absolutely spoil our pets. My dad used to send me packages for each holiday, now he sends ones for the pets.

  4. I have a cat, no dogs. But I like to pick up new toys for him 🙂

    1. Our cats are incredibly spoiled too. You name it, they have it. I’ve always said when I die I want to come back as a pet living in my household 😉

  5. Our pets are quite expensive, but it’s because they are two older cats, both of whom require special food and special medicine to fight off various ailments.

    1. Ours eat regular food for now, but there was a time they needed special food and it was crazy expensive. Thankfully they are healthy now and we no longer need it.

  6. We have 2 cats. They are indoor cats so all they need is a warm bed by the fireplace.

    1. That sounds lovely. If our fireplace was a working one, I’d curl up by it.

  7. Haha that is so funny!

    1. Funny, or sick, I’m not sure which.

  8. Well, we’ve bought just about everything for our dog (bed, crate, food, collar, toys, treats, etc.) except for the actual dog, so we will be joining the ranks of other dog owners this spring. I imagine he or she will be pretty dang spoiled.

    My wife’s (now our) cat is very spoiled, but mainly she just gets a lot of attention. You could let her lay on your lap all day and she’d still be upset whenever you finally decide to get up and disturb her.

    1. Aww, you’re gonna be so happy when you get the pup. They bring so much love and entertainment into the household. One of our cats is an absolutely lap cat. When my grandparents visited he slept on my grandmother’s lap all day. I joked with her, that I could give her a “deal” on a “good used cat”.

    • Brian on January 25, 2013 at 2:08 pm
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    My wife wanted more than anything to put our dog in “people” clothes. The dog hated it more than anything. The only really costly thing my dog gets is holistic dog food because she has a corn allergy.

    1. My parent’s pit bull has a coat. He HATES it. Literally tries to rip it off. My sister bought it for him because he gets so cold during Maine winters that he shakes and cries. We thought he might wear it, by no dice.

      Holistic pet food can get soo pricey, but you can’t really put a price on good health, esp if it’s due to an allergy.

  9. Our little chihuahua has a coat even though we rarely put it on her.

    1. Chis in coats are so cute. Chis without coats are equally cute 🙂

  10. Our fur baby only has the 1 coat, but seeing as he sleeps inside and it really doesn’t get that cold in Australia he probably doesn’t even need that one.

    1. Hadn’t really thought about folks in warm temperatures. Pets living in Australia (lucky!) or any parts of the Southern US really need coats. But they can still be fun.

  11. We always enjoyed spoiling our pets growing up. My friend has numerous coats just like yours for her dogs. They are quite cute when they go out for their winter walks.

    1. No sense to have pets if you’re not going to spoil them. That’s what my parents always said growing up 🙂

  12. Aww, don’t think your nutty at all lol Almost a year ago I started up my own pet company – Bella’s Wardrobe LTD” – Had all started from selling off a few of my own dogs clothing on eBay and Facebook. (they too have far too nay clothes, more than i so myself)

    Before I knew it people were requesting items and asking if we could get things in another sizes and before I knew it I was registering myself as a business!

    We now stock a wide range of clothing (from shits and dresses to PJs and slippers) , collars, leads, harnesses, collar charms, treats, toys, beds and grooming supplies and have to say I love it!

    Dressing out pets has certainly become a lot more popular in the last few years and have found a lot of our customers see them as their kids. Have met some lovely people via the shop and some super cute very pampered doggies 🙂


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