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Laughter is the best medicine

2899583679_fe44ac77e7_mI’ve you’re a regular reader you may have noticed I’ve been pretty quiet lately. I’ve had a few great guest posts from fellow bloggers, but just haven’t had the energy to put together a post of my own. Long story, short, we took our cat Liam to the vet a few weeks ago and got some bad news. Like his brother, Patty, who passed just a month ago, Liam his kidney failure.

He also has a mass on his liver that may be cancer (they can’t tell from the biopsy, and even if it was cancer, it would be too dangerous to remove). Liam spent 4 days at the cat ICU, and we thought we were going to lose him. Thankfully he’s now at home, and with the help of our primary vet and the internal medicine vet, he’s comfortable and acting like himself.

IV Stand

Eric bought this IV stand online and it sure does make things easier

Basically, the “cat room” (our spare bedroom) has been turned into a cat infirmary. Liam gets subcutaneous fluids once a day and is taking multiple medications to help him eat, lower his blood pressure and keep his stomach acid under control (all things we just learned about). He’s an incredibly tough cookie and really has taken all of this in good stride. We are incredibly thankful to have him home and even if his time is limited (we’re not even sure how limited), we want him to be at home with his family (us and the dog).

OK, on to a humorous story, because laughter is the best medicine

When I was picking up Liam’s medication at CVS, the pharmacist asked me for his date of birth. It’s not a question I get asked frequently, so I had to think about it…2014-12=2002.

Basically, the pharmacist looked at me like I had three heads because I had to think about his birthday (I can only assume he thought I was picking up blood pressure medication for my sig other and didn’t know his birthday). I felt the need to explain myself and we both had a good laugh when I told him the medication was for our cat. I wasn’t laughing when I found out how much the medication costs, but I needed that little release.

Aside from a sick kitty, here’s what’s been going on in my world:

My sister finished her PhD and I flew out to North Carolina for her graduation party. My folks and my older sister also flew to NC and we got to spend the weekend together. I swam with my nephew and played with my niece and we all went to a Durham bulls game.

durham bulls

My Nephew eating a huge hamburger at the game

Eric was supposed to come with me, but ended up staying at home to give Liam his fluids. I left for NC the night after Liam came home from the ICU, so I was pretty nervous that Eric was going to have a hard time giving Liam his meds. When I got back from NC, he was already a pro at administering the fluids and showed me step-by-step how to do everything. When he was finished giving the fluids he kissed Liam on the head. It was such a sweet moment, I almost cried.

This weekend Eric has been in Michigan for his sister’s birthday. All weekend he’s been texting me photos and funny texts, and although I’ve been missing him, I’m so glad he’s visiting with his family. We spend a good deal of time with my family and I hope in the near future we’ll be able to spend more time with his family too (two of his sisters may be moving to the US very soon :-)).

What’s new for you? Did you do anything fun for the 4th?

Image: Sang Trinh


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  1. Kayla @ Shoeaholicnomore

    I just did a bunch of household projects, etc with my dad. I got a lot accomplished, but now I feel like I need a break! 🙂

    1. KK

      Nice! Sounds like a really productive weekend. I was able to get a bunch of cleaning done with Eric being away, it was great.

  2. Shannon @ Financially Blonde

    I hate to hear about Liam and I hope he is doing better! We are a kitty home, and I just couldn’t handle the thought of anything happening to ours right now. I took a few days away last week to help my college friend move from DC to Louisville, KY. I am excited because I got to tick three states off my visited list, WV, KY and IN.

    1. KK

      Thanks Shannon. He’s doing far better than we expected, which we’re incredibly thankful for. I’ve never been to any of those states either. I keep thinking I want to print out an outline of the US and put a sticker on each of the states I’ve been to. Sort of juvenile, but I think it would be fun.

  3. Tonya@Budget and the Beach

    Awe I’m so sorry for the kitty troubles, but I’m glad Liam is doing better. That is pretty funny though about the medication. And I don’t know my cat’s actual birthday either! I didn’t do much for the 4th socially, but I was super productive and got rid of TONS of things. I did get a run and some beach volleyball in one day though.

    1. KK

      It’s really been trying times around here, but we’re thankful for every day with him. All of our pets are rescues so they have pretend birthdays which I know, but the birth year, I was like, “umm….let me do the math”. Sometimes those productive weekends are much nicer than the “fun” ones. I love crossing things off my “to do” list.

  4. NZ Muse

    My birthday was this last weekend but was definitely my worst ever – no fun being sick on your birthday. Good thing I hadn’t had anything special planned.

    1. KK

      So sorry you weren’t feeling well, that’s the worst, especially on your birthday! Hope you’re feeling better now.

  5. Brad @ How To Save Money

    Sorry to hear about your cat. My best friend, Ginger the mutt died in February and I am still morning. I would have done anything to save her, but alas, it was not to be. Do whatever you can to keep your friend alive. They make such a difference in our lives.

    1. KK

      Thanks Brad, it’s been really hard, especially with his brother’s recent passing. I’m so sorry to here about Ginger. Our pets really are like our kids, so losing one is incredibly painful. I hope we can keep Liam feeling well for a good long time.

  6. Clarisse @ Make Money Your Way

    I’m so sorry to hear about Liam. I got sick a few weeks ago and I can totally say that laughter is the best medicine because when my daughter find ways to just to make me laugh then I forgot about my illness.

    1. KK

      Thanks Clarisse. We are just taking things one day at a time and praying he stays strong. Sorry to hear you were sick, I hope you’re feeling better now!

  7. Marie @ Grad Money Matters

    Agreed. Laughter is the BEST medicine. It considered to be best because it’s the SIMPLEST and PRICELESS medicine of all. It can boost yourself to recover from such illness and forget every pain that you feel inside.

    1. KK

      Sometimes I just need a good laugh. It’s a good natural stress reliever that’s for sure.

  8. Alicia @ Financial Diffraction

    Oh dear, you’re having a rough go of it with your fur family 🙁 I know Liam is in great hands, but it must be hard on you two, especially after losing his brother so recently.

    1. KK

      It almost feels like a cruel joke. I can’t even believe that both of them have gotten so sick and in such a close time span. We’re grateful that we still have Liam, but sometimes when I get a quick glimpse, I almost think I see Patrick and it makes me horribly sad. But we’re still thankful for each day we have with him and that’s what’s keeping us strong.

  9. Mrs. Frugalwoods

    I’m so sorry to hear about your sick kitty :(. It’s so tough when pets are sick because they can’t tell you how they feel. Our hound just stares at us when she’s sick and I feel so badly that I don’t know what she needs! And, agreed, laughter is a fabulous means for feeling better and relieving anxiety.

    1. KK

      It’s so hard, I wish they could talk to us and tell us how they feel. It’s horrible to look at them and know something is wrong and not know how to make it better.

  10. anna

    I’m so sorry to hear about Patty, as well as Liam, though I’m glad to hear Liam is on the mend! That’s awesome, too, that both of you got to spend time with your families – I’m fortunate that my parents stay in SD for a few weeks every summer, so I take advantage of that quality time while they’re here. I hope Liam continues to grow stronger and healthier each day!

    1. KK

      Thank you! It’s been a really rough couple of months here. Nobody ever wants to lose a pet, but to lose one and then have his brother so sick, it’s been really hard. I know the time with family really helped both of us get grounded and remember what’s important. Family and furry family comes first 🙂

  11. Morgaine

    Sorry to hear this KK, I hope you get lots more time with Liam 🙂

    1. KK

      I sure hope so. He’s a fighter and very stubborn (but sweet). We just want him to be happy and as healthy as possible (given the fact we know he’s not healthy).

  12. Kassandra

    Wow KK, it has definitely not been all fun where you are 🙁 So sorry to hear about Liam’s prognosis but at least he is comfortable and at home with you until whenever that time comes. Enjoy every moment! On the flip side I am sure you had a great time with your family in NC and it was probably needed.

    1. KK

      It’s been really hard, but I’ve been trying to focus on the positives because when I focus on all the sadness it doesn’t get me anywhere. I’m thankful for the time with family and also thankful that Eric was able to spend some time with Liam (male bonding 😉 ) while I was away.

  13. Kate @ Money Propeller

    I know Liam will recover soon KK. And you’re a lucky girl because you have a very supportive boyfriend.

    1. KK

      Thanks Kate, we just want him to be well as long as he can be. We know that eventually the kidney disease or the mass will be terminal, but hopefully that’s not for a long long time. Eric is a wonderful “cat dad” and a great bf, I’m very lucky 🙂

  14. E.M.

    I’m so sorry that Liam (and you two!) have to go through all of this, but I am happy he has been doing well at least. You guys are amazing parents, and I’m sure that’s part of the reason why. I hope you get to spend a lot more time with him. It must have been nice to see family in-between, even though I know I would have been anxious about leaving my furbaby behind (Eric sounds like a natural, though). Through all of the negatives, some positives have to shine through. Oh, and I definitely aged my cat by a year once… I’ve made up birthdays for both of them, and the years always get me.

    1. KK

      Thanks so much, all my blog friends have been so supportive and it really makes a difference 🙂 It’s been hard, but we’re taking things in stride. Eric is a wonderful cat dad and we’ve been doing everything we can to keep Liam strong and healthy. We’re lucky he’s a super relaxed cat, or else giving all those meds would be a nightmare. I know his birthday (the one we made up), but birth year…ummm let me think about it 😉

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