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Dear Santa, I Hope You Got a Raise This Year!

Dear Santa,

This year the only thing I want for Christmas is a BMW. Oh and a diamond tennis bracelet and a cashmere sweater knit by virgins underwater. Just kidding. If you’re curious what I want this Christmas, do not look at the list below. I have absolutely no interest in any of these items. But I am incredibly amused by how expensive they are (from my perspective).

While I understand that some people actually buy these items (and I have no malice towards them, rock on in your $700 kitten slippers!), I have no desire to spend my money (or have anyone else spend theirs) buying me gifts like this:

Image: Neiman Marcus

Image: Neiman Marcus

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying I don’t enjoy luxury items. The bf and I bought a used Lexus when our jeep flooded and we love every bit of luxury. We have more computers in our home than people, and our dog has more coats and sweaters than most children in the developing world. I have no problem dropping money on expensive items when I use them frequently, they make our lives easier, they make us healthier, or they are very good quality and will last longer than cheaper alternatives. So without further ado, expensive gifts that I’d never ask for:


Image: Victorias Secret

I wonder if the under-wire in this brassiere is 18-karat gold? I guess I’ll never know since this sexy Victoria’s Secret number, studded with 4,200 rubies, blue and yellow sapphires and diamonds is a cool $10 million dollars.

Image: Saks.com

Image: Saks.com

I don’t have little ones yet, but when I do, how “perfect” is this sequined dress? According to the Saks website description, “Shimmer on the front and softness on the back in this charming cashmere-blend shift dress for your little fashionista.” In case you’re curious, this is not a juniors dress. It comes in little girls sizes 8, 10 and 12 and sells for $1,375. It’s never to early for Dolce & Gabbana, right?

Image: Barneys New York

Image: Barneys New York

I have a varsity jacket just like this (minus the puffy down middle part). I got mine for free after several years of running on the Varsity track team. Rapper Jay-Z is charging $2,295 for his. But if it makes the purchase any easier, 100% of the proceeds from your purchase goes directly to the Shawn Carter foundation (if Barneys can convince Jay-Z to keep his products in their stores after all of their alleged racial profiling)

Image: Barneys New York

Nothing warms you up on a cold winter evening like a hot cup of tea. This past week I picked up a pack of Bigelow “I love lemon” tea bags for $1.89 on sale at ShopRite. When I run out, perhaps I should consider buying myself some Dammann tea. The tea chest shown above, sells for only $265.00. Plus the case doubles as a checker board. So it’s basically two gifts in one. A win-win in my book.

Image: Neiman Marcus

Image: Neiman Marcus

These “long beaded tassel earrings” (really that’s what they are called! because there’s nothing special about them, they are just long beaded tassel earrings! come on Oscar de la Renta, that’s the best you can do?). I think I made a pair of these one year in summer camp. Seriously, before you spend $395 on these beauties, call a talented 12-year-old and see if she can make you a pair.

So what do you think? Has your holiday budget gone up over the years? Inflation or inflated expectations?


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  1. Kali @ CommonSenseMillennial

    Okay, I have to admit – the kitten slippers are cute. But not $700 worth of cute!! That one item is more than my entire Christmas gift budget, and we’re buying for 10 people!

    1. KK

      I have a pair of handknit kitten slippers (made by women in Mexico who were supporting their families selling handknit items). I paid $50 for them, but 100% of the proceeds went back to those women, so I felt really good about buying them (probably would have paid even more for them). But $700 for slippers probably made in a sweatshop, no thanks.

  2. Budget and the Beach

    I think that bra is pretty if you were in some sort of Egyptian musical or working on a show in Vegas or something. 🙂 Naw, I get a lot of stuff at Target. Suits me just fine.

    1. KK

      If I were a Vegas showgirl I’d totally want that bra! I’m all about the tar-jay. In fact pj pants from target are on my actual Christmas wish list this year. Hoping santa brings 2 pair since I just put a whole through the waistband in my oldest pair.

  3. Debt and the Girl

    Haha I heard that million dollar bra is quite uncomfortable.You would think a something that expensive would at least be comfy. No so! I will stick with my frugal ways. Don’t really care for going to the packed shops this time of year anyways

    1. KK

      Just proof that even with a 10mil budget you can’t make a comfortable bra 😉 I’ve been doing most of my shopping online this year. I just don’t have the patience to stand in lines and get pushed around.

  4. Andrew@Livingrichcheaply

    Some of those prices are just insane! Who actually buys them and WHY? Even if I was filthy rich, I still don’t think I’d buy a $2000 varsity jacket or drink tea that costs over $200. The cheaper alternative…I’m sure…is just as good in most cases!

    1. KK

      I completely agree. Even if I had the money to spend, I wouldn’t spend it that way. Maybe a nice treat here and there, but, if I had that kind of money to blow I’d rather give it to charity.

  5. Alicia @ Financial Diffraction

    Yikes! I don’t even remotely get the appeal – but someone must!

    1. KK

      Me neither, but you know that somebody buys that stuff or they wouldn’t sell it. Amusing if nothing else.

  6. Mrs PoP @Planting Our Pennies

    If I’m paying for quality and something that will never break, I’m willing to pay more. But for a brand name? No way.

    1. KK

      Agreed, good quality items that will last a long time I’m willing to pay a premium for. But brand name, just for brand name’s sake, no way!

  7. Michelle @fitisthenewpoor

    I’m totally digging the kitten slippers, but you can get puppy ones at Target for $18! Case in point, dogs are better. End of story. 😡

    1. KK

      lol, I have a shih tzu who completely agrees with you and two kitties who think you’re nuts 😉

  8. Demaish @ Borrowed Cents

    My budget is still the same which is almost zero. We did not grow up showering each other with gifts for Christmas. So I never really got into that rhythm when I came to the US. But we do celebrate Christmas by remembering the birth of Christ. Gifts are a hit or miss for us.

    1. KK

      Celebrating the birth of Christ at Christmas, without a slew of materialistic gifts getting in the way. What a novel idea 😉

  9. E.M.

    Oh boy. You are right that those earrings look like something a 12 year old could make out of beads. Paying just for the brand name is so silly. The bra looks really uncomfortable and totally not worth millions. I love Shop Rite, it’s my favorite grocery store. Some of the fancier teas really surprise me with the price tag. I usually buy Lipton or Tetley for regular tea, and Celestial Seasonings for flavored ones.

    1. KK

      With a needle, thread and a value pack of seed beads I’m pretty confident I could make those earrings. I guess I just don’t “get it”. I’m a big fan of shoprite. With coupons I can get a bunch of stuff completely free almost every week.

  10. Girl Meets Debt

    I don’t think a $10 million dollar VS bra is too expensive. Now if that bra cost $10.1 million, that would be outrageous! 😉

    1. KK

      I was going to buy one for each of my sisters, but since there’s only one, I guess they’re going to have to be satisfied with pj sets and lotion.

  11. Mackenzie

    OMG, I can’t believe that bra costs that much 🙂 Wow…

    1. KK

      I’m just curious how they decided how much it’s worth. I mean I’m sure those materials are expensive, but 10 million expensive?

  12. Laura @ RichmondSavers.com

    A bra that costs that much and is probably the world’s most uncomfortable – I think I’ll pass!

    1. KK

      The sports bras I buy are like $60 (I need the heavy duty ones), I thought that was crazy expensive, I guess I should be thankful they’re “only” $60 😉

  13. Michelle

    Haha all of this is crazy! I’m too cheap.

    1. KK

      I am too. Even if I had the money I’d much rather spend it in other ways.

  14. anna

    The VS bra is beautiful, but ridiculously priced and who would actually wear it?! I always shake my head at all the ‘kid couture’ and what people are willing to pay for these outfits that they’ll outgrow in two seconds!

    1. KK

      I just can’t seem to wrap my head around kids “fashion” I mean kids ruin or outgrow everything in 3 days, it just doesn’t make any sense to me. Maybe when I have kids I’ll understand this phenomenon more, but I doubt it.

  15. Mrs. Snarkfinance

    Damn! Those prices are insane. I think some people are more attracted to the expensive price tag and name-brand than the item itself. If the same consumer found those kitten slippers and matching PJ set for $5.99 at Walmart I bet they would turn their nose up at it…

    1. KK

      I totally agree, consumers often put value on an item simply because of the name on the tag. If the people who can afford those expensive slippers found them at Walmart they’d never buy them.

  16. Rebecca

    I’ve heard of the 10 million dollar bra. I wonder how well it’d hold up. I’m sure its handwashed, but still. I’m cheap and my jaw drops seeing the prices on some things. I love clothes, but I couldn’t imagine spending what some people do (to each their own). Admittedly, there are dresses and coats I’ve seen I love that are expensive, I could never see myself paying that much or them, even if I had the money.

    1. KK

      I certainly like expensive things (I have a natural way of finding the most expensive item in a rack of relatively inexpensive clothing, ugg), but I even if I had the money I probably wouldn’t spend it on a 10 mil bra (or any other single $10million dollar item). I just think of how many people I could help with that money…

  17. DC @ Young Adult Money

    Wow those are some pretty pricey gifts! A $10M bra??? I bet someone will buy it, or (unfortunately) a few different individuals…I wonder if the person who sells it gets 10% commission? That would be a pretty great gig if you could find the right buyer 😛

    1. KK

      I suspect someone has already purchased it. Maybe Kayne West for Kim K lol. I would love to be the person who gets the commission for selling that bra. I’d take a 5% commission 😉

  18. Laurie @thefrugalfarmer

    I’m totally whipped on my kids, but I just can’t see myself buying $1400 dresses for my three girls. Maybe if we were loaded I’d have a different perspective, but I don’t think so. 🙂

    1. KK

      I’ve never even purchased a $1400 dress (or any article of clothing) for myself, so there’s definitely no way I’d spend that kind of money on a kids dress that would probably be worn one time.

  19. Holly@ClubThrifty

    I can’t believe the ridiculous amounts of money people spend on clothes and shoes! I honestly don’t think I could live with myself.

    1. KK

      It’s pretty insane to me, but I guess if you have millions and millions of dollars a $200 box of tea isn’t that big of a deal.

  20. Allison

    Ok, seriously, that jacket—no. Like you, I got mine for free, and I think I wore it twice.
    And that bra–no. Totally not my thing.
    I think our expectations have become inflated. We sometimes expect to live and dress like celebrities and our normal person budgets.

    1. KK

      I never wore mine, I thought it was hideous (and they were huge because they bought them with men in mind). I think I ended up giving it to my grandfather and he enjoyed it 🙂

  21. Dear Debt

    I can’t- those items are insane. I want Santa to give me a raise and more work! 🙂

    1. KK

      A raise and more work sounds lovely. I’m add both to my list for santa!

  22. Erin @ My Alternate Life

    That bra looks terribly uncomfortable, but absolutely gorgeous! Not gorgeous enough for $10 mil, but still gorgeous.

    Love the tea set as well. The rest isn’t even appealing if money was no object.

    1. KK

      Go figure right? I’d only be interested in the bra and the tea set too. I think the jacket is ugly and I have no use for a toddler dress (or even an adult dress that costs that much).

  23. Bobby @ Making Money Fast and Slow

    The only items of luxury are:

    – Three Brooks Brothers shirts for work because they’re extremely easy to care for (non-iron – I hate ironing) and look really nice. Also, they are such high quality that I know they will last for years.

    – One pair of Johnston and Murphy shoes, because Thomas Stanley in The Millionaire Mind highly recommends the brand (along with Allen Edmonds) despite the high up-front cost, because they last for many years with very little maintenance required.

    1. KK

      My dress shirts for under suits are Brooks Brothers non-irons and I love them. I just toss them in the wash and dry and they come out with no need to press. I hate dry cleaning so I have almost nothing in my closet that’s dry clean only.

  24. Michael | The Student Loan Sherpa

    My budget has actually gone down over the years. Before I was paying student loan bills, it was much easier to be generous… these days, not so much.

    1. KK

      Loans come first and the you can be a more generous giver (if you want to be). When I was paying off debt there were a lot of homemade Christmas gifts.

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