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    • jim on December 23, 2012 at 3:39 pm
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    Our son graduated in May, 2012 and wants to start law school in the Fall of 2013. We’re trying to papy off our house and fully fund our retirement and are not in a position to help him with law school tuition. He’ll be working for the next several months, living at home and saving every dime he makes for law school, but that will hardly be a drop in the bucket. Any suggestions on how he can keep his student debt to the lowest possible amount? We paid all his expenses in undergrad and he hasn’t got a clue what student debt means. Thanks.

    1. Hi Jim. Thanks for reading. I think that’s a really great question, and one a lot of people have. I’m going to put together a post for you about my ideas about keeping student debt under control. Stay tuned.

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