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Mar 03

I love my job. Do you love yours?

Are you a job hater? Have you ever noticed how many people love complain about their jobs? Whining about benefits, pay and hours and talking smack about their bosses and co-workers. To those unhappy souls I usually respond, “So why don’t you find a new job?” And I’m being dead serious. I’m not trying to …

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Jan 21

Online Courses That Can Give Your Resume a Facelift


The following post was written by guest author Rachel MacDonald. Rachel is an Edinburgh-based freelance writer who has worked as a copywriter for businesses from Lima to San Francisco. She specializes in travel, design, and education. I spent the summer after senior year of college sending out resume after resume, eventually feeling like I might …

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Nov 04

The Size of Your Package Matters!


No not “that” package! Get you mind out of the gutter. I’m talking about your benefits package! My First Post-College Job: Shortly before I graduated from college I signed a lease for an adorable little one-bedroom apartment in Boston. I was excited to begin my “adult” life and to start my first full-time job. The …

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Sep 13

I Should Have Been Fired


Shortly after I graduated college and moved to Boston, I began looking for my first real job. A few weeks into my search, I came across a temp agency that was willing to take a chance on a newly minted graduate. I met with the agency’s owner for an interview and typing test and a …

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Aug 28

Tell Me About Your First Time


No not that first time! Keep your mind out of the gutter! Monday was the first day of work for my new social worker. While introducing him to the rest of the staff he made a comment to me about how nerve-racking the first few days of work can be. And he’s SO right! Over …

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