Category: Used a Coupon

Nov 22

Survivor’s Standouts: I Snagged a Sale Edition

Don’t you love it when you fall into a good sale? Last week I bought a couple of groupons to spend at the Body Shop. The deal was spend $10 for a $20 voucher. I bought two, because I knew they were having a good sale and I could stock up on some cheap gifts. …

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Oct 04

I Love Free Jewelry

Last week the battery in my watch died. Because I’ve been pretty busy with work and school, I didn’t have time to have the battery replaced. Instead I’ve been using my phone in place of a watch. I always have it with me, so it’s not a huge deal, except for the fact that I …

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Aug 02

Causing a Scene With Coupons

When I go home to visit my folks I usually do a little shopping with my mom. Because I like to get the best possible deal on everything I buy, I always bring along my coupons. Two Thanksgivings ago, my mom and I did a little black Friday shopping at the drugstores. Before we went …

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May 24

Are Coupons Worth the Time? 5 Reasons They Are!

Sometimes I meet coupon non-believers. You know, the types that think that coupons are a waste of time. Usually the non-believers tell me that they don’t clip coupon for several reasons. The conversation sounds something like this… “Coupons are only for processed food and we don’t eat processed food” My Response: You don’t eat any …

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May 17

Oh Baby Baby-Baby Shower Gifts on the Cheap

It’s probably just my age (the big 3-0) but everyone I know seems to be knocked up. Friends, family, co-workers… Apparently I roll with a  fertile crowd. With so many people pregnant, the cost of baby shower gifts was really adding up. A shower here, a shower there and I’m broke. Ok I’m exaggerating. But …

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