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Jan 15

Interracial Dating: Trials and Tribulations

eric and me

Everybody knows that I date a “financial stud”, but probably, not everyone knows that my stud is Filipino (well maybe you do if you’ve seen our photo on my “about” page). Eric grew up in Manila and I grew up in rural Maine. I’m very much a country girl at heart, and Eric is much …

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Nov 18

Will I Regret Not Having a Wedding?

les wedding

Nope, you haven’t missed anything. Bf and I aren’t engaged, and we’re not planning a wedding, so this post’s title might seem a little strange. These days I guess I’m on a roll with the wedding and baby posts, so bear with me, I suspect it’s just a stage given my age. Here’s what I’m …

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Nov 15

FJD-Facebook Jealousy Disorder

student debt survivor

Do you know someone who suffers from FJD? You know, Facebook Jealousy Disorder? Here are some signs and symptoms of the Disorder: Envy of a college, “friend of a friend” who has a ginormous new engagement ring Judgement that your best friend’s sister just bought a McMansion Annoyance that your ex-boyfriend just got a huge …

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Oct 23

Compromising Saved Me Money

sheep and wool

If patience is a virtue, then compromise is patience’s best friend. I have to admit I’m not always the most patient, but I do try to make compromises when it comes to relationships and money. Sometimes I make compromises out of necessity and other times I make compromises because I’m a good girlfriend (wink). This …

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Sep 16

$130 Saved My Relationship


Do you have a home jam packed with “stuff?” For years advertisers have promised us that brand name “things” would make us happy, designer clothing would make us popular and luxury cars would make us desirable. Guess what? They didn’t! Now many of us are trying to “detox” ourselves from the stuff and get the …

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