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Dec 06

How Do Consolidation Loans Hurt Your Credit

If you are trying to get out of debt, a consolidation loan appears to be a good option. Your term, interest rate, and what you do afterwards will determine if this loan will positively or negatively impact your credit. Applying is a Hard-Inquiry Check Since a consolidation loan is a personal loan or merging your …

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Dec 01

I Bought Thanksgiving Dinner & I Overpaid


I generally consider myself a pretty money savvy gal. I hate to pay full price for things and it literally makes me cringe to think when I find out that I could have bought something for less. 95% of the time I use coupons at the grocery and drug stores and I peruse slickdeals and …

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Nov 12

Side hustles that suck: ebay


Over the years I’ve made a pretty tidy sum of money selling stuff on ebay. From old clothes and books to electronics and jewelry gifted by ex-boyfriends (not like I was going to keep wearing it after we broke up!) I’ve sold a bunch of stuff. For a while when I was in college, I …

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Oct 27

Some people have, “that kind of money”. You Don’t!

Oprah and Justin

Many years ago I watched an episode of the Oprah Winfrey show that really resonated with me. Although I don’t know Oprah personally, I’ve always imagined that she is as down to earth and approachable in person as she was on her show. Despite her success and fame, Oprah has always been very honest about …

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Sep 29

4th Quarter Goals


I can’t believe that it’s almost October! It feels like just yesterday we were making New Years Resolutions (well, I didn’t really make any, but I enthusiastically read everyone else’s!) and now another year is coming to a close. Don’t worry, I know we still have a few months left and I’m not trying to …

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