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Mar 04

Would you move to cut your mortgage in half?


When I was paying off my student loan debt I felt, “stuck” and, “broke”. I worried I’d never dig myself out of the hole that I’d made and I felt frustrated a lot. When finally submitted that final payment and received my, “paid in full letter” in the mail, I was thrilled…for a minute. Because …

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Jan 19

Condo assessments right after Christmas = Annoyed owners

Today I wrote a check for $500 to our condo association. The item I’m receiving in return? a fan to vent the dryer’s exhaust (hot air) to the front of our building. Am I super excited about it? No! But that’s part of the, “deal” when you buy a condo. Unfortunately, the needs of the …

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Jan 08

Important Traits to Look for Before Investing in a Business

If you have some extra money either because of careful savings or from an inheritance, you may be thinking about how you can make the money earn an income. You may be considering investing in a good start-up or other excellent business with the hope that it will become another billion dollar company. There are …

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Dec 23

If at first you don’t succeed, Frye, Frye again!


Almost everyone has heard of re-gifting, and probably many of us have received a, “re-gifted” gift (I know I have). But have you ever, “me gifted?” You know, the act of buying yourself a gift during the holiday season. Here’s how I “justify”, me gifting 😉 I’m pretty conservative with my clothing budget for most …

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Dec 22

5 Ways to Get Better Car Insurance

Having auto insurance is the law. But what if your budget is a little too tight for your usual coverage? Or what if you’re looking to switch brands for a better deal? Here are just five ways to find a nicer and more affordable policy. 1. Compare and Contrast Many people stick, “car insurance” into …

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