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Apr 23

Social Surrogacy: A Great New Side Hustle?

baby feet

Last night I saw an interesting piece on the local 10pm news. Typically I try to avoid watching the 10pm news because I don’t like seeing all that negativity right before I go to bed (NYC news is the worst!). But I caught a snippet that peaked my interest, so I decided to stay “tuned …

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Apr 21

We manage what we measure


The other day I heard a saying that really resonated with me, “we manage what we measure”. But what exactly does that mean? Well, in the most literal sense, it means exactly what it sounds like: if you’re not keeping track of something (measuring it) then you can’t keep it in check (manage it). The …

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Apr 14

20 Treats Under $20


The world we live in is crazy and life can get really hectic sometimes. With all the, “go, go, go.” I try to find little moments to indulge in simple pleasures. Basically, to keep myself motivated I give myself “treats”. Yes I realize it sounds a little bit like your first grade teacher giving you …

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Apr 09

Is Your Debt, Your Fault?


The other day I overheard two women talking about debt on the train. Because I’m ridiculously nosy acutely attuned to conversations about money and debt, I couldn’t help but listen in on their conversation. The women appeared to be in their mid to late-twenties and were talking about student loan debt (something I knew all …

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Apr 07

Food Storage: Why I’m Paying More

plastic storage

I’ve been considering this set. Do you use glass storage? Is this a good set to buy? I have to admit that until recently I was pretty cheap frugal when it came to purchasing food storage. I have a ton of Ziploc and Glad plastic storage containers and I use them for just about everything. From …

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