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Apr 14

20 Treats Under $20


The world we live in is crazy and life can get really hectic sometimes. With all the, “go, go, go.” I try to find little moments to indulge in simple pleasures. Basically, to keep myself motivated I give myself “treats”. Yes I realize it sounds a little bit like your first grade teacher giving you …

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Apr 09

Is Your Debt, Your Fault?


The other day I overheard two women talking about debt on the train. Because I’m ridiculously nosy acutely attuned to conversations about money and debt, I couldn’t help but listen in on their conversation. The women appeared to be in their mid to late-twenties and were talking about student loan debt (something I knew all …

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Apr 07

Food Storage: Why I’m Paying More

plastic storage

I’ve been considering this set. Do you use glass storage? Is this a good set to buy? I have to admit that until recently I was pretty cheap frugal when it came to purchasing food storage. I have a ton of Ziploc and Glad plastic storage containers and I use them for just about everything. From …

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Apr 04

Good things come to people who work hard


Everyone has heard that old saying, “good things come to those who wait.” I’d like to add my own twist to the saying. My saying would be “good things come to those who work hard?” Sometimes waiting makes sense, and there’s certainly value in, “putting in your dues” and waiting for the right opportunity to …

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Apr 02

STOP doing these 5 things to save money & your health


I’ve always thought of health and wealth as sort of going hand-in-hand. It takes discipline and self-control to eat right and exercise. Just like It takes discipline to make a budget and save for retirement. Here are 5 ways you can save money (and maybe improve your health in the process). 1. Stop smoking. Camel …

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