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Apr 16

My $85 chicken dinner: a delicious recipe


The first time I made this dish I jokingly called it, “my $85 chicken” because I didn’t own a Dutch oven and I ended up having to purchase one at my local HomeGoods store. I knew that Le Creuset cookware was expensive, but I had no idea that a non-name brand Dutch oven would be …

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Apr 11

TGIF-Cruising into the weekend

This week has been a kick in the pants for me. On Wednesday I was already hoping it was Friday. Today is my social worker’s last day and next month and a half are going to be pretty rough at work because my new social worker is still in school and won’t be able to …

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Apr 07

Food Storage: Why I’m Paying More

plastic storage

I’ve been considering this set. Do you use glass storage? Is this a good set to buy? I have to admit that until recently I was pretty cheap frugal when it came to purchasing food storage. I have a ton of Ziploc and Glad plastic storage containers and I use them for just about everything. From …

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Mar 28

Sometimes You’re the Windshield, Sometimes You’re the Bug


Whether you’ve heard the song or not you’re probably familiar with the reference. Last Wednesday was my “bug” day if you know what I mean. I swear almost nothing went right. Here’s what the day looked like so you can feel my misery a little bit, if you’d rather not just skip to the end …

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Mar 21

Loss & Gratitude


Tuesday night we lost my uncle Steve. Uncle Steve was my step-dad’s older brother. He was a fun, friendly, and down-to-earth guy who was passionate about family, friends and life in general. He was a small business owner (landscaping and tree removal) who made friends everywhere he went. My step-sisters and I have been told …

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