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Sep 29

4th Quarter Goals


I can’t believe that it’s almost October! It feels like just yesterday we were making New Years Resolutions (well, I didn’t really make any, but I enthusiastically read everyone else’s!) and now another year is coming to a close. Don’t worry, I know we still have a few months left and I’m not trying to …

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Jun 08

“All or Nothing” Thinking is Holding You Back


For as long as I can remember, I’ve always been an “all or nothing” thinker. Something about my “type A” personality makes me neurotic about being the best at everything. If I’m doing something at work or at home I want to do it 110%. Sometimes to a fault. Maybe you were thinking, “But isn’t …

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Apr 28

My May Goals

It’s been a really long time since I’ve written a goals post, so I figured it was about time I put one together. Something about writing everything down and seeing it in black and white is pretty motivating. Plus if I don’t follow through, I’ll have you guys to remind me what a bad person …

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Dec 11

November Goal Progress & Income Updates

oatmeal bar

**These goals started out as my goals for 2013, but over the past 11 months there have been many changes, additions and deletions to make the individual goals more challenging, get rid of goals that I no longer want to work on and re-focus on what’s most important to me.** Personal Goals Cook 1 new meal per week- …

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Oct 09

September Goal Progress & Income Updates


I’ve missed a couple of months worth of goal progress posts, so I thought it was important to do a little update to remind myself where I am. I’ve actually been making a fair bit of progress in some areas, and since the end of the year is nearing, I want to kick my efforts …

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